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Semo LTD
In 1972 Mr. Marko Semo established SEMO Electrical Ltd. in Tel Aviv, Israel – main activities of the company were design and advising in the field of electric networks. Today the company is the primary distributor and representative of the Chinese giant CHINT Group Corp., spreading their products around the Balkans. Explision provided the company with a highly functional corporate website. visit website
Zaykov Technologies
is a leader in machine building and proud member of the consortium Ascon. The company is producing customized management and control systems used in the mill industry. The company has distributed their machines across the Balkans, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine and Russia. Explision’s team created for Zaykov Technologies an interactive map displaying their machines around the world, along with a corporate website. visit website
Todorov and Panteleeva Law Company,
is a quickly developing law entity serving variety of customers. Explision has developed Todorov and Panteleeva Law Company corporate website in accordance with their personal vision, in a combination with the latest technologies. visit website
Pao Commerce
is a long time distributor of the brand STIHL in the region of Razgrad. The company delivers garden appliances along with a wide range of accessories, fertilizers and garden decorations. This project was developed on the basis of Joomla and the support of Explision’s design team. visit website
Metronom Ltd
is a proven distributor of electric and lighting equipment, along with a huge variety of cables and fiber optic products and accessories. Explision’s team created Metronom’s corporate website ensuring them with a fully self- manageable control panel for editing their product pages content. visit website

Software development We have developed them from scratch!

Explision Law System,
developed by Explision’s team is a product designed with special attention to today’s needs of the law companies. It is a useful and highly flexible tool for management of court cases, lawsuits and extrajudicial cases. The system features with fully optimized searching tool, allowing the users to search throughout the boundless amount of information their current and past cases contain. Furthermore, Explision Law System allows its users to add events and to their cases, to create client and courts database, along with the opportunity to track down the time they have spent on each case.
One of the options our users are mostly eager to use is the alarm system that enables to users to receive reminders for their future engagements.
Explision Law System is developed using the latest technologies in programing and design, combining in itself flexibility, customization, reliability and high speed.
Explision Electro System
A system specially designed for the growing need of the business and private users to track down their energy consumption. Explision’s team managed to develop in partnership with the engineers from Semo Ltd, this software allowing both business entities and private users to be constantly connected to their electricity meters and to receive graphically represented reports regarding their energy consumption. Consequently the users are able to analyze their energy consumption of to keep an eye whether the energy saving technologies they are using are really effective. For the purpose of this software Explision used the latest technologies in the field of software development in a combination with functional and aesthetic design.