About us Our goals match Your goals!


a combination from Latin words*, is symbol of our main goal- to provide customized solutions to our customers. A company combining in itself talented designers with experienced developers and highly motivated managers is able to provide its customers with personal attention and dedication.


We know that each business deserves the most flexible solution for its objectives. Therefore, Explision’ s mission is to understand those objectives, along with the context they are part of and to provide a solution, which exceeds the expectations of our customers.


We have three primary tools that support the achievement of our mission. First, are the values that inspire the Explision’s team- personal attention to every customer accompanied by self-commitment to every detail. Second, stands the experienced team of developers, business analysts and managers, who are involved in every step of a project development. Last, but not least, is the talented design team that constantly bring visual improvements to our projects.

*Explicatio - conclusion Solutio - solution.